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Jeff, CPT, SSC

Want a little more from your workouts:  Toned, lean and firm body?  JEFF F.I.T.T. MIAMI gives you more!


People want results, results that can be achieved and maintained effectively.  Using our formula to obtain your healthiest body ever, is a good start.  Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type is the recipe to:


  • Drop a jean size

  • Look sexy in shorts

  • Love your arms, abs and butt

  • Boost your energy

  • Get your diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol under control

  • Revamp your life


I decided to be come a Fitness Professional over 13 years ago.  A friend approaches me with the idea while coaching an intermural basketball team in the offseason.  I was taking them through vigorous conditioning drills that mimic a semi-private training session.  The idea was intriguing, considering I was doing what I loved: helping people to get in shape.  So I did the research and saw the need for good fitness professionals. With that discovery, I made the decision to become a GREAT fitness professional, and set out to get certified by a reputable organization.  I continued my passion as an athletic trainer as well, being that I had a background in collegiate sports.  Combining them both allowed me to design great workout plans and sessions for my clients.  The rest is history:  JEFF F.I.T.T. MIAMI was born.



What is F.I.T.T.?
Frequency = How often you work out.  Our clients have the accessibility to train the 4-5 required days a week for optimal results.
Intensity = How hard you work out.  I have to be honest here:  if you want the greatest fitness results, whether it be fat loss, strength training and conditioning or muscle tone, you have to put in the work…hard work!
Time = How long you work out.  It is required to exercise at least 20 minutes a day for the benefits of an exercise program.  Our sessions last 50 minutes for most programs.  Within that time, you will experience warm-up/cool down, flexibility, resistance and cardio training.
Type = Kind of workout.  We train our clients by total body workouts, circuit training, interval training, sports specific training and more.
Our clients are trained and instructed in a motivating, exciting, and unique way.  We provide a variety of avenues in order for you to reach your goals. 


Personal Training (one on one) gives our clients the special needs and attention desired.  Some of our clients enjoy the luxury of having the undivided attention of the trainer. 


Semi-Private Personal Training is essentially an option that fits between one-on-one personal training and the large fitness boot camps. Semi-private personal training is typically conducted with two to four clients at a time.  The limited group size retains the individual attention you want, in addition to an excellent custom-designed fitness program at an affordable rate.

Group Training (5:30am) empowers everyone at all levels.  This class is for those who have a busy schedule or who would like to get their day started with a good sweat.


Zone 4 (9am) is an up and coming group training class has High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which boast high-calorie burning workouts, measured by your heart rate monitor. This class is very versatile which includes, boxing, bodyweight training, circuit training, sandbag training, TRX Training and much much more!
With a variety of exercises and a fresh workout every time, your body and mind will be challenged.  Bored with the same routine?  Then JEFF F.I.T.T. MIAMI is right for you.  


Love your body, train with Jeff!

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