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JEFF F.I.T.T. MIAMI has served many clients, who has had different goals and who were from different facets of life. Still, the results has been the same:  satisfaction.  Read for yourself and become the next client to share the experience.  

"Small Gym, Big Results! Personalized fitness plans and attention is given to all the clients which makes the training experience(while still intense) enjoyable and doable. I recommend Jeff Fitt Miami to anyone ready to work on their fitness goals."



"I’ve been training at Jeff FITT Miami Fitness Studio for the past month and I can see/feel amazing changes/improvements in my body already, I love it."


"I've been training with Roy for over a year and I will honestly say He's all-around, beyond incredible...! Very Very knowledgeable with his gift! Being in the Florida Army National Guard, He makes sure I have been well trained for my PT Tests, between intense athletic training, and weight training"


"In only 45 days he has been the catalyst behind my dropping 18 pounds and many inches.  Each personal training session with Jeff FITT is totally different."


"Roy is the bomb and cares about his clients. He always pushed me to be better even when it got hard. Thanks for giving me tool I am still using years later. I will be by next time I am in Miami."


“Best kept secret in Miami. Roy is a rare combination of professional and personable, and is simply excellent at his job. In two years of being his client, I’ve never done the same workout twice.”​


​“A few people commented that they could tell that I have been working out or had lost some weight!  This put a huge smile on my face!  "...although I fuss and fight with you regarding my workouts, I appreciate your advise and the changes that I am now starting to see.  Thank you!”​


​“My son started playing high school football.  I was concerned because he was such a small kid.  One summer with Roy and he gained 30 pounds of muscle.  He doesn't appear to be the same child with all these muscles everywhere.  I highly recommend JEFF FITT."


“Roy has been an intricate part in my training.  His guidance has helped me achieve my goals.  He makes himself available if I have any questions.  I highly recommend training with him!"


“Roy has been an amazing trainer and motivator.  He help push me to limits I didn't think I could reach. Everything from cardio, crossfit to weight training, Roy has helped me achieve some of my initial goals.  I cannot thank  him enough as he has helped progress in my transformation to be physically fit along with my healthy diet.  I would recommend Jeff FITT Miami to anyone committed and ready to make real changes in their lives.”​


“'O my goodness, you lost so much weight!' Thats all I hear these days. My size 12 went so fast its amazing, thanks to MR JEFF, my trainer.  He's always giving a new, seemingly simple but challenging workout for me.  He pushes me to the max! I have never felt better! He is committed, honest, jovial and always precise.  It feels awesome to be a size 8 again. Thanks J:  you are the the best!”​


Great workout. Roy is amazing, pushes me already seeing results after a little over a week! Small gym which is great you get one on one attention 😊... try it you won’t be sorry.


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