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The F.I.T.T. Principle

Roy Jeffery, January 2013


The F.I.T.T. Principle is one of the foundations of exercise, a set of guidelines that help you set up a workout routine to fit your goals and fitness level while helping you get the most out of your exercise program. F.I.T.T. stands for:


Frequency:  How often you exercise.


For Cardio Exercise: Exercise Guidelines suggest moderate exercise five days a week

or cardio three days a week to improve your health. For weight loss, you may need to do

up to...


Try our new app
Roy Jeffery February 2018

My PT Hub is an online web and mobile app, enabling our personal trainers to manage our clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programs, while tracking their progress and achievements.

Adding yourself is super easy, all we need is your name and email address! Once we've added this info to our software, you get an email with an invitation to activate your account. Just hit the link and follow the instructions. This includes filling out your goal, height, weight and PARQ.

Creating your workouts and nutrition plans

We can build your workouts using an extensive exercise library with over 7,500 exercises, all with HD video footage of how to perform them. When it comes to nutrition, we have access to a verified database, boasting over 600,000 food/drink items, all with full macronutrient breakdowns!

Track and monitor your progress

We are able to keep our clients motivated through visual representation of how they’re progressing. We do this through body fat percentage, photos and circumferential measurements to mention but a few.

How to add yourself to this service: 

Adding clients is super easy! All we need is your name and email address. Alternatively, if you are a new client purchasing a package, you may actually add yourselves.

We can view and follow your plans/schedule

Our clients can view and record any activities we've assigned them. This includes logging workouts, nutrition plans, uploading progress photos and updating measurements. You will have the day to day tasks, meaning you know exactly what you're doing without needing our supervision. This works great for clients who may be traveling for an extensive amount of time, or as homework assignments for clients who may want a workout between sessions to stay on track.

Messages and checking-ins

I can keep you motivated and on point by sending you tailored messages through our messaging board. Want to go one better? I can program check in days where you can fill in any forms we assign you, upload your progress photos, update measurements etc. 

Here at Jeff F.I.T.T. Miami Studio, we are committed to providing the latest in training workouts, education and technology. Even more, the best experience will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Thank you for joining the team...TEAM F.I.T.T.

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